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Frequently Asked Investment Questions

In order to change your payment account please log into your account first, than use our support form and send us following:
1) Answer to your security question; 2) Your new payment address/payment account.

1. We process payments manually, not instantly.
2. Maximum awaiting time is 36 hours.
3. We process payments once or twice a day, so your actual awaiting time depends on when you made your withdrawal request.
If you made it right before next payout session - you would get it faster.
If you made your withdrawal request after we processed all payments you need to wait little bit longer till we start a new payout session.

It seems that you made your investment and didn't learn more about our cryptocurrencies fixed rates system.
If yes, please learn more bellow or on 'Get started'/'Make deposit' pages.


We accept deposits in cryptocurrencies with fixed rate. So it means that you will get your accruals in this cryptocurrency and you will not depend on cryptocurrency market price and its volatility.
For example, if you invest 1BTC on plan '2.1% DAILY for 20 DAYS', daily you will get exactly 0.021btc and you won't be dependent on it's price.
With fixed rate it does not matter, the value of bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) grew or fell. You will receive exactly as much Bitcoin as you should receive based on the deposit interest rate.

Please pay attention that our server time may differs from your local time and if you see 5PM on 'Your deposits'/'Deposits History' - you see our server time.
Your first accruals will be added to your account balance after 24 hours after you made your deposit, for sure.

If you see that 0 days remains, than your deposit hasn't been expireed and our system will add to your account your accruals for last day and your initial deposit on time when you usually received your daily returns.

In order to make a deposit click Make Deposit in the navigation menu.
Fill desired amount in the 'Amount' field, choose payment system that you use and click 'Confirm'. Follow further instructions of your payment system.

Your deposit should be activated immediately if you use Payeer or Perfect Money.
For deposits in bitcoin it could be some time lag which is required for getting confirmations by bitcoin network.
For cryptocurrencies we need at least 1 confirmation.
If your deposit hasn't appear in your account for a long time, please contact us.

You can check all actual investment plans in your member area on Deposit page.

The minimum investment amount is only $10 and the maximum amount is $700,000 per transaction.
But please pay attention that you have as many deposits as you want. So there is no maximum for your investment portfolio.

In 'after' investment plans your profit includes your initial deposit and in 'daily' investment plans your initial deposit will be returned to your account balance.

Yes, sure you may have as many deposits as you want.

Yes, sure. You may reinvest your profit from your account balance.
In order to make a deposit from your DDFutures Trading Limited account you need to select 'Deposit from Account Balance' on Make deposit page in your Member area.

Yes, we have wide range of investment plans for any desires. We have compounding on daily plans - 80% compounding on investment plan '2.5% daily for 35 days' and 100% compounding on investment plan '3.5% daily for 55 days'.

At the moment we accept: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum.

In order to withdraw your profit you need to withdrawal request on Withdraw page in your member area.
Just fill desired withdrawing amount and choose payment system which you use for making your deposits.

Your request will be processed within 36 hours.
We do everything possible to reduce awaiting time of our clients.

Please, pay attention that usually we process withdrawals within 36 hours.
But anyway contact our support service and we will check your issue.

No. We don't have any withdrawal limits and it is totally free of charge.

Minimum withdrawal is $0.01.

No, we don't charge any fees.
Some payment processors charge some fees. For example, Payeer charge 0.95% from every withdrawal transaction.

No, we don't have any hidden fees.

Affiliate bonus will be paid to your account balance as soon as your referral processes his deposit from external processor.

Pay attention that you need to be an active investor in order to obtain referral commission.
This is very important point, because you can't advise your friends or partners to work with DDFutures Trading Limited if you haven't try our service.